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Fusion is a homeschool tutorial that can meet a variety of homeschooling needs. We can provide you with core classes that would provide grades and credit for high school. Enrichment classes will reinforce your learning at home. We also offer clubs, parties, dances, evening family events and performance opportunities.


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Fusion Homeschooling meets on Thursdays and Fridays in Murfreesboro, TN from August to May. Core classes for 5th-12th grade meet on Thursdays, with enrichment classes and clubs meeting on Fridays. We are an a la carte tutorial, which means you can pick and choose your classes. You may choose to take one class, one day a week or two full days of classes. We offer 3 different types of classes. In our core classes, the educational coach takes over teaching that subject for the parent and provides homework, videos, activities, and a grade during the week. Our enrichment classes add to what you are doing at home, such as art, elementary language and music. We will also offer clubs for the fun, social aspect with a topic or theme.

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