In every school, there is that one kid who is cool, suave, and very popular.  That kid was not Steve. Steve was the nerdy kid in his parents’ basement on his computer building websites, making videos, and reading about technology.  But now, much to the surprise of his high school peers, nerds rule the world and Steve has been able to take those passions and turn them into a fulfilling career.

Steve graduated from Cedarville University with a BA in Broadcasting, with emphases in audio production, video production, and management/sales, as well as a BA in Multimedia Technologies.  Steve currently serves as the Assistant Program Director and Music Director for WAY-FM, a Christian radio network with approximately 1 millions listeners per month. Throughout his career, he has worked in various positions, utilizing a number of different media skills including, but not limited to, audio production, video creation and editing, copywriting, and website design. Steve has contributed articles to the leading radio industry online publication and produces a nationally syndicated radio program.     

Steve has been married to Kim, the Co-Headmaster of Fusion Homeschooling, for 14 years and is the proud father of 5 children. In his spare time, Steve enjoys coaching his children’s sports, leading a Cub Scout pack, catching superhero movies on opening night, and attending nerdy conventions while dressed in costume.  Steve has enjoyed working with high school and college interns, helping them grow in their knowledge of radio and multimedia, and he is excited for the opportunity to share his passion with Fusion high school students.