Mission Statement:

To assist homeschooling families reach their educational goals by providing classes that develop skills, confidence, creativity, and determination to go out and change the world.

General Information:


  •    Fusion Homeschooling is a Pre-K to 12th grade drop off tutorial.
  •    Our classes are a la carte, so you may select as few or as many as you like.
  •    We meet on Thursday and Fridays for the 2022-23 School Year, from August – May. 
  •    Full information about the policies of the school can be found in the Fusion Homeschooling Handbook



About Us:

As parents and teachers, we wondered if traditional school was really doing that much to help our children learn and grow.  This has led to many conversations about life, choices, and learning.  With the experience of the “real-world”, we look back and see that the current school model is broken.

It’s sad to see that the current model of education is still designed as it was 130 years ago.  Sir Ken Robinson, international advisor on education, said in his famous TED Talk, “Reform as we know it is of no use anymore, because that is simply improving a broken model…this has to be transformed into something else.”  

As homeschooling families, we want more for our children.  Our vision is to provide a place for children to:

  • be allowed to follow their passions
  • not be stifled by one-size-fits all learning
  • develop the love of learning
  • prove that character matters
  • know they are capable of achieving greatness

It’s too big of a risk to go the traditional route. Providing real-world experiences, doing more hands-on, and moving towards a more entrepreneurial driven world offers better success.

Founding Fusion Homeschooling is our way of giving our children and the community a place to maximize learning, create bonds, friendship, and the love of learning.