Fusion was created to be as close to a public school as possible.  This is not just a supplemental school.  We offer CORE classes that follow TN state standards for every subject from 2nd-8th grade.  We also have several high school classes that do the same.

We meet IN-PERSON with very small classes.  6-10 kids for CORE classes meet once a week.  Lessons are provided by their Educational Coaches for the rest of the week.  Educational Coaches also check in with their students mid-week via Zoom, Facetime, or phone calls to make sure they are doing their work and to see if they need any help.  Educational Coaches will even provide daily checklists for the students so they aren’t overwhelmed with their workload. 

If students take a CORE class they WILL NOT need to purchase any other curriculum or online program.  Fusion Educational Coaches provide all of that plus their expertise during the week for their students.  Some even provide tutoring throughout the week.  Most of our Educational Coaches have taught in public schools and know how to design curriculum to meet state standards.

We have intervention classes for students who struggle with math, writing, and reading.  

We also have a day of enrichment classes.  Art, Music, Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade, Theater, Entrepreneurship, Small Group Piano and Guitar, STEM classes, and several other classes and clubs meet on Fridays.

Fusion classes are taught by qualified educators, most of whom have taught in public and private schools, and many of whom hold advanced degrees.  We are run by a volunteer board and do not receive any government funding.  Tuition goes directly to our Educational Coaches and fees are used to cover the overhead.