Beth is a visual artist, teacher, and mentor. She loves to create art and create art with people of all ages. As a teacher, she is currently teaching Elementary Art with the SHEEP Tutorial in Murfreesboro. With the Frist Museum of Art and Metro Nashville Public Schools, she mentors teachers and co-writes art lesson plans with them for their K–4 students. She also teaches art with after school art clubs at Warner Elementary and Valor Collegiate Academies (Middle School). She has also led art workshops at OZ Arts Nashville, Cheekwood Estate and Gardens, Nashville Public Libraries, and festivals. Before living in Nashville, Beth taught Foundations art classes within the Art Department at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY. In 2010, she moved from Chicago to the south to be close to her sister who is raising three children; Beth’s two nephews are on the autism spectrum. In Chicago, she was trained in Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA) for autistic children, and it made sense for Beth to move south to work with her nephews since early intervention is key. While in Chicago, she worked for eight years at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, specializing in content development for 6–12 Literature and Language Arts educational materials.  

Beth has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Penn State University. She likes to make people happy with her colorful installations. Beth’s artwork has recently been exhibited at the Frist Art Museum, Nashville, TN; The Elizabeth Foundation, New York, NY; OZ Arts Nashville, Nashville, TN; The Downing Museum, Bowling Green, KY; Seed Space, Nashville, TN; Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville, TN; Zg Gallery, Chicago, IL; Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; abrasiveMedia, Nashville, TN; BOX13 ArtSpace, Houston, TX; The Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, IL; goldenPARACHUTES, Berlin; ArtWorks, Cincinnati, OH. Beth has been an artist-in-residence at the Studios at MASS MoCA and The Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, IL.