Sara Bryson started her teaching career in Metro Nashville Public Schools teaching elementary art.  Throughout her 11 years of teaching for MNPS she taught middle school and high school art as well.  Being an artist herself she is passionate about the beauty, creation, and impact of art throughout time and thoroughly enjoys experiencing art and art activities with people of all ages.

She is the mother of 3 beautiful children and her husband is in education as well. Her love for kids has led her not only into teaching art but to work as a children’s minister in Franklin Tennessee as well until her family moved to Murfreesboro.  Here in Murfreesboro she teaches Bible classes of all different ages at her church and volunteers at her children’s schools when there isn’t a pandemic.

Throughout her life and career, sports and exercise have been an integral part of her life. Playing volleyball, softball, tennis, basketball, and lots of other sports and games has been a source of great joy and experience.  Running and hiking also became lifetime activities after running the Rocket City Marathon in college.

She is excited to teach and work alongside the students at Fusion Homeschooling both as an art and physical education teacher!