Victoria was a former Teacher of the Year at Ezell-Harding Christian School for the year 2020-2021. She holds a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies from Middle Tennessee State University with a K-6 license endorsement and is currently pursuing her Ed.S in School Psychology. She has hopes to earn her Ed.S in School Psychology, to be a strong advocate, and serve students with learning disabilities. She has teaching and leadership experience in both public and private educational settings. While working at Ezell-Harding she developed and taught curriculum for Bible, STEM, reading, math, and science. Additionally, Victoria was in charge of training other teachers on how to read, interpret, and teach the Tennessee State Standards at her former school. Having had the opportunity as a selected teacher by Rutherford County to visit the Ron Clark Academy, it shaped her entire teaching career. Her Ron Clark inspired classroom is full of passion, laughter, movement, collaboration, and creativity.  She is passionate about engagement, rigor, and going the extra mile to meet students’ individual needs. She firmly believes that children have to feel loved, feel empowered, and enjoy their content to retain their learning. She takes joy in helping kids find a love for learning no matter the subject! She is constantly educating herself with professional development seminars and researching best practices to ensure that her students receive the best instruction possible. In her spare time, she gives private tutoring for students who have learning disabilities and for advanced students who need enrichment. Victoria has a strong passion for education and after the last 3 years of pandemic teaching has decided to take her talents as a teacher to Fusion, and she could not be more excited about this upcoming year!

Her hobbies include serving at her church, playing and watching sports, giving softball lessons, spending time with her sweet little girl and family, cooking, reading, traveling, and learning new things!